Support Roatan expands its partnership with Wild Roatan

Support Roatan expands its partnership with Wild Roatan

It has been quite a challenging year for everyone in Roatan and around the world. We have all faced unforeseen difficulties and have had to adapt personally, with work, business and even community projects have been forced to reassess their plans and adapt to the new circumstances.

Wild Roatan was started late 2019 as a community conservation group with a commercial product component, during late 2019 to early 2020 the environmental awareness campaign took off, gaining momentum and reaching 13,000+ followers on social media in just months, TV ads were launched and they begun planning projects with local NGOs for 2020 and 2021.

Since Covid-19 started to effect Roatan, Wild Roatan has continued to share their environmental messages but have shifted focus to local product sales and brand creation of a local skincare / clothing business.

They assisted greatly with the sale of our #supportroatan tshirts and have helped raise $8000+ for local food drives and charities working with families affected by Covid-19.

We have been very happy with our partnership with Wild Roatan and have decided to continue expanding it, into 2021.

Wild Roatan will continue assisting us in selling our #supportroatan clothing line, all funds from sales will return to #supportroatan and be donated to our local projects or partners.

Wild Roatan have also offered to donate 10% of revenue from all product sales to #supportroatan community projects and campaigns, their strong commitment towards supporting Roatan will continue going forward, remember Wild Roatan is locally owned and operated and aims to give back to their community as a local owned business supporting local community projects.

#supportroatan will also be taking on the environmental awareness campaigns, beach cleans up and conservation projects which Wild Roatan had been developing.

Working together Wild Roatan and #supportroatan look forward to an exciting and successful 2021.

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*Post supplied by Support Roatan

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